In 2017 Lieutenant Colonel Jorge Salinas created the Globalock-Security firm as a consulting and advisory company on issues of Physical security and Risk Management; Throughout these last years, its portfolio has grown and made alliances that have forced to restructure the different services and create an opportunity to go outside our borders and exploit the experience of more than 27 years of service in the Armed Forces of Colombia for the security community of Latin America and the world.

Now the Globalock team has changed to "Globalock-training" and has been strengthened with veteran personnel of the Colombian Special Forces, experts in business advisory and risk management and thanks to their experience in personnel training in techniques and tactics of highly effective, today we provide security tasks efficiently with high standards of confidentiality; always under the concept of supporting the authorities in the maintenance and welfare of society and compliance with the law..

Our staff has provided its services in:

  • Special Forces of the Army.
  • Urban Commands.
  • Special Forces of the Marine Corps.
  • Rescue agencies 
  • Private Security Academies