Our team is made up of highly professional personnel with the experience of more than 25 years in different government, military and business positions, which guarantee total satisfaction of results and protection of your interests. ​

Our experience is based on highly demanding professional tasks in the fields of Risk Management, Citizen Security, Personal Protection, Infrastructure Security, Physical, Rescue and Rescue, Anti-Terrorism, Anti-Narcotics and Special Forces.

Jorge H. Salinas

Tc (ra)


Officer (r) of Special Forces of the Colombian Army, Master in Strategic and Prospective Intelligence, Specialist in Defense and National Security and Risk Management systems.

Nestor R.Vargas

Tc (ra)

Director of Special projects. Officer (r) of the National Army, Expert in Special Forces of the Colombian Army and Specialist in Defense and National Security.

Jaime H. Romero

Tc (ra)

Director of Official Training (r) of the Colombian Army, professional in Military Sciences, Instructor of Urban Special Forces, Specialist in Defense and National Security, Consultant in Public and Private Security.

Fernando Guacheta

MY (ra)

Leader of Rural Maneuvers. Officer (r) of the Colombian Army, professional in Military Sciences, Instructor of Rural Special Forces, Special Operations; expert in anti-terrorist and anti-narcotic operations, parachutist and other combat courses and Specialist in Defense and National Security. 

Cesar Ramos Monroy

SM (ra)

Director of Human Resources Leader of Canine Training. Retired non-commissioned officer of the Army with Specialization in Training and Detection of Mines and Explosives with canines; Expert in Special Operations for 15 years and security work and infrastructure of oil facilities, in addition to extensive experience in physical security, personnel and human talent.

Jorge Montaña

SM IM(ra)

Leader of River Maneuvers. Retired Marine Warrant Officer, Logistics Administrator and Technologist in military management and training, with extensive work experience in planning and executing river operations, land security in areas of military interference, management and induction training and personnel training, and maintenance specialist of machinery and equipment.

Carlos Segura

SP IM (ra)

Leader of Special Maneuvers Retired Marine Petty Officer, Security Expert, with specific training in military intelligence development, crypto mapping, undercover operations and protection of areas and dignitaries. With experience in strategic planning of land-sea-air military operations and special operations instructor.

Daniel Garcia


Leader of demining and explosives Retired non-commissioned officer of the Army with more than 20 years of experience in the handling of explosives, warehouses, instruction and supervision. With experience as commander of Military Escorts and mine deactivator in humanitarian demining groups. Military Instructor and University Proffesor).

Mauricio Bula

SM (ra)

Leader of Basic Life Support Techniques and Aeromedical Rescue, retired from the Army with more than 26 years of experience in Special Operations, specialist in Aeromedical Rescue and instructor of combat nurses, Spearman, Military Parachutist, air assault, protection to Dignitaries and expert in operations against drug trafficking. ​

Edgar Albarracin

SM IM(ra)

Leader of Maritime Maneuvers and Legal Advice. Retired with 28 years of experience, lawyer and expert in Special Fluvial Operations, Lancero, Free Jump, Tactical Diving and Fluvial Reconnaissance. Professional in Civil Law, International Humanitarian Law and Diploma in Conciliation.