Our Mission

Provide highly effective and confidential advisory services, training and education, designed to address the security, protection and training needs of government entities, multinational corporations, non-governmental organizations, the business sector and individuals who require it, in order to help in structuring and sustaining policies for the preservation of order, the protection of public resources and the social order.

Bussines Vision

To be a company recognized as a leader in the provision of advisory services, training and training of military doctrine and Special Forces, by entities at the governmental level and all interest groups related to security and maintenance of order locally and internationally.


GLOBALOCK as a provider of specialized and highly confidential security services, demands and promotes excellence and the commitment of its managers, operators, instructors and business partners, to provide the best of itself, to have autonomy of its physical and technical conditions. and a philosophy of service and high performance in all tasks carried out in local or international settings, always rescuing quality and human dignity and respect for the Law..